Where is Data Stored in Cloud Computing?

When it comes to where data is being stored in cloud computing, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The location of your data will depend on which of the many cloud storage providers you have chosen and the various cloud storage services they offer. As a general rule of thumb, most cloud providers store their clients’ data […]

What is 3rd Line Support and When do you Need it?

In the world of information technology, 3rd line support is a term used to describe a specific type of technical support. This type of support is typically needed by businesses that have reached a certain size or level of complexity, and it can be very helpful in resolving issues and keeping operations running smoothly. If […]

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing in 2022?

City sky line in the clouds

Cloud computing is growing in popularity, with a projected growth rate of 22% throughout 2022. 78% of companies are using cloud computing in some way, and it’s predicted that the global market for cloud services will grow to £800 billion by 2025. Despite this growth, there are still some concerns about cloud security, with a […]

What is 2nd Line IT Support?

Man with a headset on at work

When it comes to IT support, a tiered approach is useful. This is because certain problems can be solved by lower-level technicians, while others require the expertise of a higher-level technician. In this way, businesses can save money by resolving simple IT issues without involving more expensive support personnel. With that in mind, exactly what […]

Key IT Support Statistics To Know in 2022

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When it comes to IT support, there are many key statistics available to show us exactly how the industry is taking shape. However, it’s not always easy to pinpoint what these numbers mean without doing some digging, which is why we did all that work for you! Here are some key IT support statistics that […]

What is 1st Line IT Support?

When it comes to IT support, tiers help us understand the functions that we should expect from each service level. For example, they can help your staff know who to contact for each type of IT problem, and can offer you a basic idea of how long each problem should take to fix. The first […]

IT Support vs IT Technician: What’s The Difference?

The roles of IT support and IT technicians are very important – but very different – in the world of information technology.  Frequently, the term “help desk” is used to designate a variety of IT support services, including technical difficulties, but people often use the words “help desk” and “technical support” interchangeably in casual conversation.  […]

What The Best Online Tech Support Should Offer

Tech support is vital for modern business. It enables companies to get assistance when they’re in trouble. Yet finding the right provider for this service might prove tricky.  We know it can be hard to know what the best online tech support should offer, so we’ve put together this guide to help. What is Business […]

Why is Small Business IT Support So Important?

Every business needs to stay up-to-date with the latest technology in order to operate successfully. Because of this, it is important to make sure that your small business hires an IT support company that can keep pace with you. But why exactly is small business IT support so important? Keep reading to get all the […]

5 Imperative Technology Needs for Small Businesses

Technology has become a driving force in business. It’s used to conduct operations, engage with customers and suppliers, create new products and services, provide a better work environment for employees, reduce costs and manage the company’s bottom line. While technology is good for all companies large and small, small businesses can reap huge benefits from […]

The Key Ways Green Computing Could Revolutionise The IT Industry

As companies continue to turn to technology to improve their processes, there has been a massive increase in the amount of data which is stored and processed. This means that data centres especially can often use up a considerable amount of electricity. Action needs to be taken if computing companies are going to help avoid […]

What is an IT Health Check and When is One Needed?

With more companies setting up shop remotely, plus a range of security risks facing small businesses daily, it’s vital that companies are taking the appropriate steps to protect their users, employees and reputations, especially considering recent years have shown hefty fines being dished out for cybersecurity malpractice by authority organisations like the FCA! What is […]

How to Plan an Infrastructure for Successful Remote Working

85% of remote workers now want a hybrid approach to working, with both home and office based methods, recent data has revealed. With this rise in the popularity of home-working over the last year, there is a mounting pressure for businesses to keep up with these demands and seamlessly introduce a stable infrastructure for remote […]

5 Ways to Improve Your IT Security

Today’s business environment is constantly evolving into a complex cyber landscape, where technology permeates the core of international organisation. Hackers have made it their mission to disrupt businesses through data leaks, information theft and denial-of-service attacks. As a result, companies are no longer solely concerned about their productivity or revenue, but now have to be […]

Your Basic Guide to Computer Network Components

Lady on Laptop

You’ve probably heard us talk about computer networks. In fact, you probably encounter computer networks all over in your daily life – from your workplace, to your home, to even cafes and leisure centres.  But building a computer network, or suddenly having to tweak a network, can suddenly become an overwhelming mess of wires, boxes […]

A Simple 6 Step Data Migration Plan

A Simple 6 Step Data Migration Plan A data migration plan is the essential first step in a successful data migration project. Without one, there’s a high risk that during the process of transferring your files between systems and formats you will end up with costly downtime, corrupted or lost information and compatibility issues.  A […]

Here’s Why Businesses Need an IT System Upgrade

A company’s IT infrastructure is one of its most valuable assets, and it requires constant upkeep. Outdated computer systems can cause a lot of problems for organisations through things such as obsolescence and reaching data storage limits. As IT systems age and their capabilities become outdated, organisations are regularly faced with the proposition of undertaking […]

Fix for WiFi Issues With Intel Centrino Wireless N

If you are experiencing WiFi dropouts and disconnects, this could be due to a compatibility issue with some laptops running Intel Centrino Wireless N, and some manufacturers routers or wireless access points. The below fix, while effective for many users, does disable the “N” band of your wireless card, causing the card to connect on […]

What is Data Migration and Why is it Important?

When an IT system is handling significant data in different formats from a multitude of different systems, the existing system may need an IT system upgrade to a larger system or to transfer its data to another system entirely. This is what is known as a data migration, and it’s an important factor in enabling […]

What are the 10 Uses of ICT in Education?


In the twenty-first century it’s rare to find an industry that hasn’t undergone a digital transformation of some sort, and education is no different. The classrooms of today have moved far beyond the early 1990s integrations of computer rooms, full of clunky desktops, loud keyboards and dial up tones. Nowadays the classroom itself is littered […]

The IT Experts Guide to the Best Remote Tools 2021

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When working from home was introduced in the height of the global pandemic in 2020, many employers thought the measure would be nothing more than temporary. For eons there has been a negative perception of working remotely, with misconceptions about productivity levels and employee focus regularly expressed. Almost a year on however, and the perception […]

How to Plan Your Businesses IT Strategy


For years many businesses have treated their IT services and organisation in a reactionary manner. If a department needed equipment, quite often the company would purchase the equipment without thinking about how that new piece of equipment or software fitted into the businesses overall IT strategy. Over time, patchworked reactionary decisions can lead to IT […]

How Business IT Support Services Help Your Business

Apple Macbook

There’s a common misconception that business IT support services are privileges that only large enterprises can take advantage of, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Businesses of all shapes and sizes need effective IT support services because they help to increase a businesses productivity, improve its ROI and save it time and money.  […]

What is Cloud Computing?

Server Room

The cloud. We’ve all heard someone say it. “Save it to the cloud”, “It’s ok, it’s backed up to the cloud”. But when we’re referring to this mystery cloud, what do we actually mean?  When cloud computing was first coined in 2006 by Google CEO Eric Schmidt, it was met with some trepidation. Many people […]

How Businesses Can Prepare for Digital Transformations


Digital transformation is the 2021 buzzword of the Information Technology industry.  In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more businesses than ever have been forced to embrace new digital technologies. From businesses who need their employees to access their documents from home, to schools who have had to implement new digital infrastructures to ensure their […]