IT Security and Monitoring

Our goal is to become familiar with all your operating systems and staff through effective communication, remote support and the deployment of expert monitoring and maintenance software tools and platforms. We strive to proactively head off security threats and cyber threats before they occur, saving you time and resources.

Our approach isn’t just reactive; our highly qualified Information Technology security consultants and engineers hunt down the root cause of repeated issues and advanced persistent threats, ensuring they don’t re-occur by using our monitoring tools to predict where issues might happen and fixing them at the source!

We constantly monitor and optimise your software, hardware and endpoint security systems; making sure everything is kept up to date and secure. Our management and security tools mean that we are alerted to potential security risks and malicious software, often before your staff even notice them!

You don’t need to worry about keeping an eye on antivirus, backups, updates or processes; we do it all for you.

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Why do businesses need Information Security?

Protecting sensitive data is one of the main reasons companies need to invest in cybersecurity. This covers financial data, client information, and confidential intellectual property. A cyberattack that results in a data breach may have serious repercussions, such as monetary losses and harm to one’s reputation.

Your company’s activities may be disrupted by a cyberattack, leading to lost production and downtime. Making sure your business has a strong cybersecurity plan in place reduces the possibility of hackers who want to gain access to steal sensitive data, expensive disruptions and helps to preserve the continuity of your business operations.

What are Cloud Security Solutions?

A set of practices and technological tools called cloud security are intended to counteract both internal and external risks to the security of businesses. As they advance with their digital transformation strategy and integrate cloud-based tools and services into their infrastructure, organisations should consider cloud security for their computer systems and mobile devices.

Businesses that adopt these concepts and work to optimise their operational strategy face new difficulties in striking a balance between security and productivity. While more recent technologies enable businesses to expand their capabilities beyond the limitations of on-premise infrastructure, moving mostly to cloud-based systems might have unforeseen repercussions for sensitive data if not done by professionals and authorised users.

Finding the ideal balance necessitates knowing how to employ linked cloud technologies to the advantage of modern businesses while using the best cloud and network security procedures.

Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery

Our fully managed service desk will monitor your backup and disaster recovery systems, including Cloud-Based SaaS backup solutions, giving you reliable and resilient recovery options, while reducing your dependence on on-site hardware.

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We will provide, install, configure and monitor an approved, industry-standard and trusted SaaS BackUp application. These back-ups are secure, and data is encrypted during the entire synchronisation, storage and replication process.

 Our BackUp solution supports versioning of your backed-up data, creating a “snapshot” of the data which is saved each time. This snapshot contains all the information needed to restore your data to the exact state it was in at the time of capture.

More Services

1st and 2nd Line Support

We offer a full suite of services to support your IT instrastructure, working as an extension of your team we roll up our sleeves, take accountability and resolve the issues.

Projects and Migrations

As your IT partner, we will look at all aspects of your business and develop with you a cohesive IT strategy and cloud migration plan that supports your business goals.

Your IT Manager/ Director

As your IT partner, we will develop with you a cohesive IT & Security strategy that supports your business goals , we are an extension of your team. We want to make your IT work the way you want it.