Case Studies​

We support a wide range of businesses with our IT services. Check out some of our work!


We work closely with Connect to manage all of their day-to-day IT management. We’ve enabled 80% more decentralisation for staff which allows them to work from where they are most comfortable and efficient. We’ve also changed the relationship between Connect and its customers into a more effective and stronger one, enabling the business to feel confident again as it continues to go from strength to strength. 

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Frederick Cooper

We have implemented an IT infrastructure that allows Frederick Cooper to continue their work seamlessly. Using our solution if one site goes down, the other site takes the main strain of the internet and still provides WiFi connectivity. It allows the entire factory floor to have WiFi coverage at any one time, and means that Frederick Cooper is provided with a stable, effective and productivity boosting network. 


Stratford Garden Centre

Our work has resulted in the centre running at its maximum efficiency by having a seamless EPOS and VOIP phone system, brand new eCommerce capabilities, and a much more securer, streamlined IT network which benefits and supports all the garden centre does as it continues to balance both a digital and physical presence. 

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Terra Motion

We deployed remote integration and installed a programme that monitors the health of Terra Motions machines, installs updates and provides security, all completely remotely. 

This provides Terra Motion with complete peace of mind: They know that even if their computers need an update or installation, it can be taken care of without a person needing to access the premises at which their physical computers are stored. 

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