Garden Centre Network​

We began working with Garden Centre Network after taking the place of their existing IT Manager who was only too happy to recommend our services. Now, they’re one of our biggest clients and we’ve completed a number of projects on their behalf.

What Was The Problem

When we first began working with the Garden Centre we took over the general day-to-day running of their IT. This included things like the management of email accounts, and the installation of general operating system updates and fixes.

However the more we got to work alongside them, we began noticing a bigger problem that needed an entire infrastructure remap.

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What Was Our Challenge?

We identified that a major issue plaguing the garden centre from running more efficiently was their dependency on handheld barcode devices which were significantly outdated. On top of that, wireless access points were also insufficient for use and this led to staff being unable to roam throughout the centre to scan items. For example if a staff member needed to scan a pot plant at the back of the centre, they needed to lift the plant and bring it to the forefront and then take it back, which took considerable – and unnecessary – time.

How Did We Resolve It?

Our solution was simple: We wanted to change the wireless coverage so that it was maximised to allow for better, seamless inventory connectivity.  To do this, we overhauled their existing WiFi and installed a brand new WiFi system. The end result was staff who were able to freely roam throughout the centre, experiencing no dropouts as they journeyed from one access point to another. Perhaps most importantly, it also meant no more shifting stock from one end of the centre to another – saving time and increasing productivity!
cloud support specialists working on binary blue projects
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What Benefits Has Our Service Provided?

Alongside our WiFi overhaul saving staff time, and making their work more efficient to allow them to focus on other duties, we’ve also provided a number of additional benefits.

We simplified IT for staff by enrolling them in training, which made the overall user experience friendlier and much more natural. We installed a brand new VOIP phone system, servers, and provided staff with new laptops which came preinstalled with our own software library. To continue making things as seamless as possible we also worked with a third-party to install an EPOS system that made both the customer and staff experience more efficient. 

Perhaps most importantly, as the Coronavirus pandemic struck we also enabled the garden centre to have eCommerce capabilities and a heightened customer experience through leveraging the brand new VOIP phone system and integrating eCommerce into their website. Customers were able to phone the garden centre to continue asking for advice, buy from the centre online, and then receive deliveries made by the garden centre’s own staff. This kept members of staff employed, and gave the centre a much needed source of income, as well as community connection, throughout the pandemic.

What Has Been The overall Outcome?

Overall our continued work alongside the garden centre has cemented us as their chosen IT partner. Our work has had tangible results, including a % increase in sales, and % in staff productivity.

Intangibly, our work has resulted in the centre running at its maximum efficiency by having a seamless EPOS and VOIP phone system, brand new eCommerce capabilities, and a much more securer, streamlined IT network which benefits and supports all the garden centre does as it continues to balance both a digital and physical presence. 

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Want Results Like This?​​

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