1st and 2nd Line Support

The whole idea of raising a ticket and having it closed seems simple enough, but how much value are you really getting from that interaction? We want to redefine what an IT support company does and how it interacts with businesses and staff.

With our fully managed 1st line support and exceptional 2nd line support services, you can entrust your business processes to a team including:

  • a technical support engineer
  • line support teams
  • self-service experts
  • a first-point support technician
  • a helpdesk operator
  • security specialist

We focus on providing first-line and second-line support services, including solving complex technical issues, ongoing external consultancy for small and medium-sized businesses, and a complex, all-inclusive support service for large businesses.

Fully Managed Support – Complete Care

Why not have a partnership? An efficient and meaningful connection between businesses that actually provides value, above and beyond waiting for something to break, and then fixing it.

We understand every business is different, so it can be hard to define what shape this relationship will take; because it is unique to you and the way we work with you, but at the core of our Complete Care Package, we work to make things as simple as possible, and make IT support approachable and accessible.

With our management-level expertise and technical expertise, your projects are in good hands. We can handle time-sensitive queries and keep detailed records for all our clients.

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End-to-End Support Services

Binary Blue will provide comprehensive remote technical support services for all Users, Servers, Systems and Software. Whilst most of our clients take our fully managed service offerings covering both 1st & 2nd Line support, we do have clients who only need our 2nd line support expertise. We are happy to work with clients on either approach.

a cloud specialist working on binary blue projects

Our support plans are simple & flexible and are charged on a per user basis, we don’t charge per ticket! You may be office/site or home based, you may also be allocated multiple devices (such as a laptop, a desktop & mobile).  Whatever your profile and usage we only charge a single fee.

Remote support offers a fast response as well as a reduction in travel time and costs. User support is provided using screen sharing and the Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) technologies.

Whilst most of our support services are provided remotely, we would expect our engineers to be on site from time to time.

Our goal is to become familiar with all your systems and staff through effective communication, remote support and expert maintenance tools, proactively heading off issues before they occur.

Our Complete Care support, maintenance and monitoring service includes, but is not limited to:

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Single point of contact:

It doesn’t matter what service is out, or even if we provide it. If something breaks, just call us. We will raise the issue with whatever provider we need to: broadband, telephones, website or whomever.

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Always up to date:

We manage all your Windows and software updates. The most commonly used (and commonly hacked) software is kept up to date by our management service, automatically. You won’t need to do anything at all.

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Software library:

We create and maintain a list of all your business’s most used software and can either deploy it to machines automatically or you can pick from an easy-to-use list of available software to install. As a dedicated service provider, we have a broad understanding of the different library solutions.

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System baseline:

We work with you to help define your standard user machine, and then make sure all machines meet that standard of accessibility and security so any user can log on to any machine at any time and get the same experience.

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Constant monitoring:

You don’t need to worry about keeping an eye on  antivirus, backups, updates or processes; we do it all for you.

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We speak to your team and understand their needs before making any recommendations – even if you don’t end up purchasing through us. From Servers and laptops to headsets, printers or cables, we can find and supply the right thing for the job.

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Know you want to do something, but not quite sure what? Our IT consultants will research the solution, speak to manufacturers or vendors and arrange demos to help you find the right fit.

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We know a lot of IT pain can be eased with a little training, it keeps issues to a minimum and helps your team become more comfortable with the systems they use. Training requirements beyond those necessary to assist with support tickets may need to be negotiated as additional costs may be required.

More Services

Projects and Migrations

As your IT partner, we will look at all aspects of your business and develop with you a cohesive IT strategy and cloud migration plan that supports your business goals.

Security and Monitoring

We constantly monitor & optimise your systems, hardware and security; ensuring everything is kept up to date and secure. Our  security tools alert us to potential problems before you even notice them.

Your IT Manager/Director

As your IT partner, we will develop with you a cohesive IT & Security strategy that supports your business goals , we are an extension of your team. We want to make your IT work the way you want it.