Our Ethos

We’re extremely proud of our fully managed support service, Binary Blue’s philosophy is that a long list of tickets means we aren’t doing our job properly. Our approach isn’t just reactive; our highly qualified engineers hunt down the root cause of repeated issues, making sure they don’t re-occur while using our monitoring tools to predict where issues might happen, and fix them at the source.

Our helpdesk operates as a one-stop-shop for any IT issues – even for systems supported by other suppliers. Call us, tell us what the problem is, and we will relay the issue on your behalf and follow it through to completion, keeping you up to date along the way.

All the while we will be constantly monitoring your systems, hardware and security; making sure everything is kept up to date and secure. Our management and security tools mean that we are alerted to potential problems, often before your staff even notice them, whilst keeping your systems and software optimised, up to date and secure.

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Our Customers

Since our inception in 2017 we have expanded our presence, grown our expertise & team size and achieved continuous year-on-year business growth. We re-invest our profits in our people and our IT support systems & structures. 

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We are proud of our expanding and varied customer base, covering a broad range of business sectors including other larger IT and telco companies who rely on our deep expertise for some of their 2nd line support. Our customers value our extensive technical knowledge, our high level of customer service and “hands on” approach.

We have an active client base from start-ups  to those with several hundred users, servers & platforms across multiple countries.

Customer service is at the core of our business ethos, whatever the size of your organisation. We value the relationships we make and maintain with our clients, prioritising clear communication and collaboration.  At Binary Blue we are proud that, to date, we have never lost a customer.

We nurture our IT consultants and engineers through extensive training programmes and exposure to new and innovative technologies, enabling us to keep you up to date with latest developments and ideas to support your business. We don’t want our clients to be held back by IT; it should be an easy-to-access environment to support you to do what you do best.

Hands on IT Experts

“I would love an IT Director but I’m not big enough, in my mind James is my IT director, worrying about my IT and delivering proactive reports to help me budget and run the business they have my best interests at heart.”

1st and 2nd Line Support

“Binary Blue are my 2nd line support, when there is an issue I cant fix they are on hand. It would  take longer for me to figure it out then for them to fix. Day to day they monitor our servers and support end users, particularly offsite.”

Complete IT Support

“Better support enables us to operate more smoothly, we want it to work, want the security side, and want hand held support. With Binary Blue we are getting the level of support, we need to get things done quickly.”