Terra Motion

Conn3ct is a trusted communications partner with over 30 years of knowledge and experience solving complex communications challenges across three areas: Contact Centres, Unified Communications and Network Services. 

What was the problem?

When the COVID19 Pandemic hit, Terra Motion faced the same problem as a multitude of other companies: They had no remote access to their servers and workstations because they were unable to enter the University of Nottingham Innovation Centre. 

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What was our challenge?

The challenge Terra Motion set us at Binary Blue was to enable them to access their monitors, geographical survey data and workstations remotely. Without our intervention they would be left completely unable to work.

How did we resolve it?

Within two days Binary Blue had Terra Motion fully set up to work remotely and autonomously. We deployed remote integration and installed a programme that monitors the health of Terra Motions machines, installs updates and provides security, all completely remotely. 

This provides Terra Motion with complete peace of mind: They know that even if their computers need an update or installation, it can be taken care of without a person needing to access the premises at which their physical computers are stored. 

We also installed remote viewers to act as remote support tools which allows us at Binary Blue, as Terra Motion’s ongoing IT support partner, to jump on quickly and easily in the event of any problems.

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