Conn3ct is a trusted communications partner with over 30 years of knowledge and experience solving complex communications challenges across three areas: Contact Centres, Unified Communications and Network Services. 

What was the problem?

When we began working with Conn3ct they were undergoing a merger/acquisition process which led to a fragmentation of their IT landscape. As well as their merger and acquisition, Conn3ct were struggling to work effectively alongside their IT support provider. 

So, through word of mouth recommendation we stepped in to take over the entirety of Conn3ct’s IT set up under our Complete Care Package.

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What was our challenge?

Due to the previous disconnect between Conn3ct and their IT provider, the IT environment in which they were working was complex, leading to staff having little to no control over their user experience through things like using incorrect or ineffective software. Outwardly, this led to frustration from a consumer end because customers phoning Conn3ct were left feeling unfulfilled, feeding a detrimental cycle which overall was damaging the business.

How did we resolve it?

We took away the frustration. We streamlined and simplified the environment by giving Conn3ct access to our own custom built in-house tool. That tool comes pre-installed with access to our pre-populated, appropriate and up to date software library. By installing the tool on each staff member’s device, our intelligent library was able to put together an 18 software package for each member of staff which was relevant and recommended. 

In addition the library now handles the installation of updates and fixes, as well as removes out of date software and recommends new releases. It also prevents unapproved software from being installed, which negates the risk of social engineering or phishing attacks to better improve the security of Conn3ct’s IT network.

On top of this we trained up internal staff and provided internal communication which would allow teams to have more support from those around them. This changed the consumer-facing IT support into an environment which was much more accessible and accommodating.

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What benefits has our service provided?

A simplified environment has provided a much better experience for both customers and staff. Staff are now confident in the software they are using, and because of this consumers are seeing the results they need.


We also got ahead of the global pandemic by implementing decentralisation abilities before working from home became a necessity. Whereas before Conn3ct’s staff had to be in an office, we started working on a solution that allowed for secure remote accessibility. This gave us an immediate mobile response, and led to a seamless transition once it was clear staff could no longer be in the office.


Thanks to our streamlining, we were also able to reduce the amount of support tickets – a primary way in which we alter from other support companies. Our aim is always to reduce tickets by providing solutions that enable us to spend more time on the customer infrastructure so that we can build an IT environment that is effective, efficient and productive through areas like transforming file systems or completing migrations.

What has been the overall outcome?

The overall outcome of our work with Conn3ct has been the establishment of a firm partnership. We now work closely with Conn3ct to manage all of their day-to-day IT management.

Tangibly we’ve enabled 80% more decentralisation for staff which allows them to work from where they are most comfortable and efficient. However, most importantly, we’ve changed the relationship between Conn3ct and its customers into a more effective and stronger one, enabling the business to feel confident again as it continues to go from strength to strength. 

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