Frederick Cooper

Frederick Cooper are a renowned service-driven, cost-effective and friendly Wet Paint Spraying and Powder Coating business. Working primarily in the automotive industry, Frederick Cooper have completed projects for prestigious companies such as Land Rover and Maserati.

What Was The Problem

When Frederick Cooper approached us they had a problem. They’d just expanded to a second site, but were having connectivity issues running a simultaneous IT infrastructure across both sites. If one site went down, so did the other and this was having a severe impact on Frederick Cooper’s productivity.
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What Was Our Challenge?

With issues on one site having knock on effects to the other, Frederick Cooper couldn’t work. If one site lost WiFi connectivity, so did the other which meant that the machinery on the factory floor was unable to connect and this led to the workforce being severely hindered. 

We at Binary Blue needed to present a resolution that enabled both sites to firstly, see each other, and secondly, work in perfect harmony to maintain business uptime. 

How Did We Resolve It?

Our solution was to implement a system that had 2 internet connections working in synchronicity using long distance PTP WiFi. Point-to-point links (PTPs) provide both an effective and affordable way to extend a WiFI network from one location to another. This offered a perfect solution for Frederick Cooper.
cloud support specialists working on binary blue projects
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What Benefits Has Our Service Provided?

The first benefit that Frederick Cooper saw from Binary Blue’s work was of course – no downtime! The IT infrastructure no longer drops, which means there’s no need to hurry people between sites and perhaps most importantly no delays in work. The business has since recorded an increase of 85% in productivity and 99.9% uptime.

What Has Been The overall Outcome?

The outcome of our work with Frederick Cooper has been implementing an IT infrastructure that allows Frederick Cooper to continue their work seamlessly. Using our solution if one site goes down, the other site takes the main strain of the internet and still provides WiFi connectivity. It allows the entire factory floor to have WiFi coverage at any one time, and means that Frederick Cooper is provided with a stable, effective and productivity boosting network.
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Want Results Like This?​​

Of course you do! Get in touch to discover how Binary Blue can streamline your business’ IT with our free consultation.