IT Services for Schools

As IT continues to grow in its importance in society, it also grows within schools. From the running of a successful school to the education of children, we understand the importance of smooth running IT in the education environment.
Binary Blue offers IT services to schools across the UK, so regardless of location we can help. Whether you just need some ongoing support or are looking for a complete overhaul of your infrastructure an systems we have a package for you.
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What We Can Help With

At Binary Blue we can provide schools with all the IT support they need. Whether you just need a little ongoing support from time to time or a full overhaul of your existing setup, we have a package to suit.

Our team of experts can audit your existing setup to ensure everything is implemented to provide you with the most efficient system. We can even source and install any new equipment you may require. Furthermore, we can even provide training to staff to ensure that everyone is up to date and able to use your new systems as required.

Furthermore, we can provide you with ongoing support, ensuring that any issues you come across are resolved as quickly as possible, preventing little downtime and stress. 

For a full list of education IT services, visit our services page.

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Why Choose Binary Blue?

Binary Blue have been working with schools and colleges for the past 42 years. We understand that faulty IT setup can cost downtime in both learning and functions of an education establishment. That’s why we use our experience and knowledge to ensure your systems remain up and running.

We don’t treat your issues as a ticket, we take the time to get to know your setup, and pre-empt any issue that may occur and we then take the time to fix said issue before it causes any severe issues to the functioning of your school. Simply contact us today.


How much are Binary Blue IT services?

Binary Blue services are priced depending on the individual needs of the school or college. We take the time to understand how IT is used within your school and provide you with an appropriately priced package. Simply get in touch.

Do schools need IT support?

With most elements being online, from attendance registers to lunch orders, it is likely most schools nowadays will require some form of IT support. We can keep your systems up and running to ensure you don’t suffer the stress of downtime.

Our staff work in various locations, is this OK?

With the recent pandemic, working environments have changed. Many staff now work from home permanently, even with a fully functioning school. This is why we can provide our services to multiple employees, regardless of their location. Anywhere in the UK, employees can access our services through email or phone. It’s that simple.

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