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As the single point of contact (SPOC) for normal interactions between users and IT, an IT service desk is an essential part of an organisation’s IT department. To optimise productivity, many small firms outsource IT support services tasks to a managed services provider.

Technical help that is outsourced may be offered by lone contractors or contact centres with a large staff of customer service agents with increased availability. Technical help is frequently given by individuals in foreign countries when it is outsourced.

In doing so, businesses can reduce labour expenses while maintaining high standards of customer satisfaction.

We’ll discuss what an IT service desk accomplishes in this blog post as well as why you should make use of desk outsourcing services for cost related benefits and enhancing your business needs.

What is an IT service desk?

A typical IT service desk manages a company’s routine IT requirements, such as service ticket management and incident resolution, as well as more complicated problems, such as scheduled modifications and network failures.

Here is a clearer formulation because the last one might seem a bit formal and ambiguous: A service desk is a hub for communication where clients of IT service providers—such as staff members or other stakeholders—can get assistance with a tailored solution.

The purpose of a service desk is to give clients with high-quality customer experience service in a timely way.. This assistance may take the form of incident resolution or service request fulfilment.

A service desk outsourcing team, as opposed to an internal IT department, has the time and resources to fully dedicate themselves to all facets of your IT administration.

What are some outsourced service desk benefits?

For effective operation, the majority of offices and organisations nowadays rely on computers and other cutting-edge technology. These devices periodically experience technological problems that the common user or worker cannot fix on their own.

Desk outsourcing support companies have grown in popularity as a result, providing offices and organisations with the technical assistance they require to handle the majority of problems and complex issues.

Businesses have the option of keeping their own internal IT help desk staff or hiring an outside IT firm to handle all of their help desk requirements.

5 reasons in favour of service desk outsourcing

  1. Fast desk team response time for technical support

An IT service desk can respond to incident management requests very instantaneously since it has the same obligations as an IT help desk. Due to the dedicated help provided by a support team, you can speak with a real person right away instead of a chatbot or phone menu.

Businesses and their clients can rest easy knowing that assistance will be there if something goes wrong thanks to outsourced technical support, which ultimately increases client loyalty and resolution rate.

  1. 24/7 support services

You have access to technical support around-the-clock with a dedicated desk support team. You probably require 24 hour technical help if your company depends on the availability of a partially or entirely remote crew.

While the majority of large enterprises have the funds to staff an internal service desk, many small businesses opt to outsource their IT help desk requirements in order to save money and benefit from a reputable IT firm’s experience.

You can rest easy knowing that help is available if something goes wrong, from hardware to software and cyber security attacks, thanks to a dedicated staff of technical professionals working around the clock.

  1. Cost savings

The possibility for cost savings is the most compelling benefit of outsourcing your company’s IT help desk requirements. Owning and operating a support desk department can be highly expensive for most businesses.

In addition to the price of purchasing IT equipment like more computers and servers, you also need to pay your help desk personnel a benefits package and other perks.

Working with desk outsourcing companies helps you to combine all of these costs into a single agreement, saving you from high costs while still receiving the services your business needs.

  1. Highly trained IT experts

You get access to their qualified and knowledgeable IT specialists while working with outsourcing help desk service providers.

You may be able to access IT professionals with training, experience, and certifications without having to train them yourself, depending on the outsourced help desk personnel you choose to deal with.

This knowledge will be extremely useful in giving support for any technical issues you or your staff may experience. If your company has an internal IT desk services, the outsourcing team and your internal team can work together to reduce your monthly incident volume. 

This is a great method for your employees to learn and experience new things.

  1. Focus on other business needs

You and your human resources team won’t need to manage that department yourself if you hire an IT outsourcing provider. Your organisation will then be able to concentrate on other aspects of improving your business, such as your fundamental values and goals.

Everything, including hiring personnel and developing recruitment tactics, as well as providing training, retention initiatives, and performance monitoring, will be handled by a third-party IT firm.


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IT desk outsourcing FAQs

What is meant by IT help desk outsourcing?

IT outsourcing is the utilisation of outside service providers to supply infrastructure, application services, and business process solutions that are successfully supported by IT for business outcomes.

Why should you outsource IT help desk services?

Employees cost money. You can significantly cut costs compared to hiring in-house IT staff by outsourcing. Benefits, equipment, taxes, and other costs associated with hiring staff are not your responsibility. Additionally, you have better expense management.

What IT services can be outsourced?

Any business function that may be carried out in an offshore location can be outsourced. Payroll, transaction processing, transcription services, call centre services, image manipulation services, order and inventory management are just a few examples of the operations included in this.