IT Support for Small Businesses & Services

Ensuring your small business has minimal downtime is critical. At Binary Blue, we offer professional small business IT support that is completely tailored to your requirements. With Binary Blue as your IT support provider, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you can spend time on your business rather than fixing IT issues.

We work with small businesses, reviewing and monitoring their IT systems, not only to act quickly when technical problems occur but also to help determine potential risks before they occur. From protective cyber security measures to help you avoid losing data, to disaster recovery solutions when you do need them and the general care of your business infrastructure and IT system, our in-house small business IT support service is a cost-effective solution for any small business. Our affordable pricing means we have a full range of services to suit a business of any size.

We will frequently scan your systems and provide you with IT health check monthly reports, indicating any tweaks which may need to be made to your systems. This will set your small business up for future growth, implementing effective processes, offsite backups, software & hardware updates, plus additional remote support that most small businesses could benefit from!

Binary Blue are more than just an IT support provider. We provide a wide range of cost-effective small business IT services to suit the business needs of small businesses across the UK.

As well as providing daily technical remote support, our expert IT team can also provide an in-depth audit of your system setup to ensure you have the right technology to suit your business goals.
Our IT professionals can provide consultancy and advice on the best solution for you and if required, even outsource and install the required infrastructure on your behalf.

We can then take this one step further and train your employees to ensure that everyone is comfortable and confident with the new setup, providing increased productivity and protection from data loss.

In addition to complete system overhauls, we also offer a range of cloud services and solutions, including migration and management.

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Why Choose Binary Blue For Small Business IT Support

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We have over 42 years experience providing support for small businesses and as a result, our 24/7 technical IT support can handle anything. Our team are able to proactively manage your IT, identifying any potential risk and taking action to future proof your systems.

Should a problem arise, our team have the expertise and dedication to act fast, with speedy response times and a diagnosis just as fast. With Binary Blue by your side, you’ll be able to focus on your business whilst we ensure everything behind the scenes runs smoothly.

Unlike some support companies, Binary Blue will act as an extension of your in house IT team. With remote access to your IT, we can react regardless of where your company is situated, this includes supporting your staff if they work remotely.

Small Business IT Support FAQs

What makes Binary Blue IT Support different?

We’re not the traditional IT support company. We specialise in supporting small and medium businesses, because we focus on providing personal support. To kick things off, we’ll arrange a consultancy session, where we get to know more about your business and how you operate. This allows us to understand how you work, ensuring that our IT solutions and support fit within your way of working. Our IT support is tailored to your requirements and your tech, meaning that we have the knowledge to fix any issues quickly. 

We’re dedicated to what we do, so you can be sure to receive a professional service that allows you to concentrate on your business.

How does outsourcing IT support help my business?

By outsourcing your IT support, you can get the experience and quality of top IT professionals for a fraction of the cost of hiring the same team internally. With dedicated outsourced IT support, you’ll also experience less downtime and improved productivity. With our ability to access computers and software remotely, you’ll be able to receive support extremely quickly. 

More Services

1st and 2nd Line Support

We offer a full suite of services to support your IT instrastructure, working as an extension of your team we roll up our sleeves, take accountability and resolve the issues.

Security and Monitoring

We constantly monitor & optimise your systems, hardware and security; ensuring everything is kept up to date and secure. Our security tools alert us to potential problems before you even notice them.

Your IT Manager/ Director

As your IT partner, we will develop with you a cohesive IT & Security strategy that supports your business goals , we are an extension of your team. We want to make your IT work the way you want it.