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A business that has decided to cooperate and develop a close working relationship with Microsoft is known as a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner. Having such title denotes that the organisation that applied has attained the highest levels of Microsoft’s well-known partnership programme.

By achieving the Microsoft Gold partner status, Microsoft has acknowledged its commitment to developing Microsoft technologies in order to meet both its own needs and those of its customers.

You rely on reviews, expert evaluations, and certifications to help you make the best decision, whether you’re buying a consumer product on your own time or assessing a possible IT partner for your company. 

Any given brand name frequently has a variety of “certifications” or an “approved reseller” emblem next to it in the tech industry. However, it might be challenging to distinguish between the valuable credentials and the less noteworthy ones in many businesses. In certain cases, all a provider needs to do to become “certified” is pay a fee.

In this guide we’ll discuss what Microsoft Gold actually is and the benefits of choosing a Microsoft Gold partner.

What does it mean to be a Microsoft Gold Partner?

The highest rated independent technical support companies by Microsoft are Gold-Certified Partners who have a track record of providing high-quality services to clients. Microsoft Partners with a Gold Competency are acknowledged for their dedication to strengthening customer connections by providing their clients with cutting-edge and efficient business solutions. A company that has achieved Gold Competency ranks in the top 1% of Microsoft Partners globally.

According to Microsoft, “A Microsoft gold or silver competency can help set a company apart from the competition by demonstrating a specific, proven skill set to its customers. Because Microsoft competencies are aligned with how customers actually buy, customers can easily identify a company’s capabilities and expertise.”

Benefits of choosing Microsoft Gold certified partners

  1. Up to date with evolving Microsoft technologies

The proficiency criteria related to Microsoft’s solutions are constantly changing as well. Gold Partners remain informed of these modifications. Think about it: would you go with a cardiac surgeon who hasn’t trained in the most recent advancements in surgical methods over the previous 20 years? You would probably choose with a doctor who had more recent training and qualifications if you had the choice.

In a similar manner, it makes sense to pick a Microsoft Partner who is adept at utilising cutting-edge Microsoft technology to advance your company.

  1. High standards

Microsoft Gold Certification proves that a Partner satisfies stringent criteria imposed by Microsoft, and satisfying these criteria is getting harder and harder. In order for an organisation to acquire Gold Certification from Microsoft, at least 15 members of that company must pass certain core value exams.

One benefit of working with a Microsoft certified partner is that you can trust their expertise. 

Additionally, a Gold Partner will have a number of highly qualified staff members on hand who can assist you, so it’s not just one or two individuals at the partner business who are knowledgeable about the most recent Microsoft technology. This indicates that an organisation’s internal turnover won’t be a barrier for a specific project or business objectives.

  1. Connected to Microsoft advanced support partners

Because Microsoft Gold Partners are specialists in particular skill sets, they rarely need to seek Microsoft’s advice. However, Gold Partners have direct access to advanced support partners within Microsoft Business Solutions when they do need to start a support case with Microsoft. The outcome? Improved response times and superior customer service. Additionally, Gold Partners have the option to escalate a case as necessary.

  1. Customer satisfaction

Less turnover is a result of contented workers, which makes customers happier. As a Gold Certified Partner, AKA provides our staff members with the continuous professional development they require to stay abreast of technological changes.

Additionally, working for a Gold Partner brings a level of devotion that you simply won’t find anywhere else, and that employee commitment is advantageous for your company.

  1. Proof of concept

The benefit of receiving licences for development and demos belongs to Gold Partners. They now have the chance to create proof of ideas for clients without having to spend money on licence purchases.

It allows the partner the freedom to test concepts with clients before asking them to commit, giving clients the advantage of experiencing the proposed solution before moving forward with implementation.

A Partner is qualified to provide deployment planning services when they possess a mix of Competencies. The Partner can be sponsored by Microsoft for a number of days of consultancy work, akin to a pilot programme or presenting a proof of concept, for the appropriate prospect and the right project.

This is the ideal option for a client who is ready to make a purchase but is concerned about a sizable financial commitment. This is a win for Microsoft as well as the customer since, of course, they will sell licences and have another fantastic customer success story to tell. The Partner also benefits because they are ready for the engagement.

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Microsoft Gold Partner FAQs

What is Microsoft Gold certified?

A business that has approved collaboration and established a tight working relationship with Microsoft is known as a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner. Having such accreditation indicates that the business has met the highest requirements of Microsoft’s well-known partnership programme.

Why choose a Microsoft Gold partner?

Only 1% of Microsoft partners have gold status, compared to 5% who have silver status. The various benefits and privileges that come with being a Microsoft Gold Certified partner include having unique access to Microsoft tools, utilities, and toolkits as well as taking part in the company’s continuous training programmes and tutorials.