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To run a successful business, the correct information technology infrastructure is key. That’s why at Binary Blue, our technology consulting experts work with you, side by side, to ensure the perfect hardware and systems integration for your business operations.
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What We Can Help With

Our IT consulting team get to know your small business, so that we can give you options and advice about the best solutions to suit your needs. Once a final decision has been made, our IT consultants will then work closely with the supplier to ensure the installation, systems integration and implementation is seamless, providing you with complete business continuity. We will even train your staff to ensure they have all the skills they need to make the most of your new system.

We can be there for you as much or as little as you need to provide services aimed at reaching your business goals– whether that be just advisory services about your system  or end to end, we want to see the best for your business.

Helping with IT for small businesses
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IT Consulting Services

Review and evaluation of existing IT infrastructure & technologies

Recommendation of new IT infrastructure & emerging technologies

Overseeing of new IT infrastructure installation & systems integration.

Staff training regarding new IT infrastructure

Our IT consulting packages vary significantly on service and price dependent on your business needs. The flexibility of our services means we can work with most businesses and budgets to form a strategy to meet your goals. The best way to determine the right package for you is to speak with a consultant who will discuss your requirements and budget.

In addition to our IT consultancy, we can also offer ongoing support once your new IT is up and running. Whether that be server support, remote working or data management, simply contact our team today to see how we can help you.

Our IT Consultancy Services

At Binary Blue we provide a wide range of IT consulting services. These include;

IT Project Management

IIf you are considering overhauling your existing information technology systems we can help. We will carry out an in depth view of your current architecture, using our technical expertise to identify potential risks and opportunities to future proof your set up. We will manage the entire process on your behalf from sourcing and installation, to set up and testing. Working with businesses of all sizes, we can provide project delivery to suit any budget in any industry.

Cyber Security

Through the use of cloud computing, we can ensure your data does not pose a cyber security risk. We will keep offsite backups of your data, ensuring its safety and security at all times. We can also meticulously migrate this data for you should you require cloud migration.

Optimal Performance

Using our specialist knowledge we can review your IT strategies to ensure your architecture is set up to meet your business objectives. We will then take the time to get to know your business processes and goals to ensure your systems and programmes are fit for purpose.

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Why Choose Binary Blue?

Unlike many IT consultancy companies, we take care of your entire IT solution. We keep the process of it tech support simple and work for a solution that’s right for you and your needs, not one that suits ours.

We have had 42 years of experience doing what we do, so we’ve seen the pains poor support can cause. As a comprehensive IT consultancy, we can help with all aspects of your technical solutions and make sure you get a system that incorporates everything your business requires.

So get in touch today to discuss your IT strategy and get your free quote.

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What is an IT consultancy?

An IT consultancy is a company that will support your business to ensure you have the correct infrastructure required for your business. They will use expert knowledge to assist you end to end, from concept through installation to staff training.

How much is IT consultancy?

Unlike many companies, we believe that every business is different and as a comprehensive IT solution, our expert team can provide you as little or as much support as you would like. As a result, the cost of our IT consultancy can vary significantly dependent on your needs. Contact our team today who will discuss your needs and how to get the most from your budget.

Do I need IT consultancy?

You will benefit from IT consultancy if you’re considering changing your IT setup or are just simply unhappy with what you currently have in place. If you’re experiencing issues, our IT consultants can suggest tweaks that can be made to fix them or simply a whole new system depending on what’s best for you.

Related Services

Our team can provide you with daily ongoing remote IT support regardless of where you are in the UK.

We can carry out an in depth audit of your IT systems and help you upgrade them to suit your business needs.

We provide a range of cloud services from migration to management, ensuring your data is safe and secure.