IT System Upgrade

Replacing outdated or unfit IT systems can be tricky business, and major upgrades often require big changes, causing disruption to staff and services. Binary Blue specialise in phased, modular upgrades to suit your financial and business needs.

Whether the change takes place over a week or is staged over several months, we can help your business formulate an action plan that gets you where you need to go, without disruption to your business or staff.

Desktops, laptops, servers, hosted services or peripheral IT assets – a managed migration plan can streamline your business assets, allowing you to get the most from your current investment whilst planning for the future, optimising effort and expenditure.

Upgrading your IT systems is a big commitment, so you want to ensure it is done correctly and quickly. We ensure that your money is spent wisely, supporting you every step of the way with a clear installation plan and IT support to ensure minimal downtime. 

We’ll source the right equipment or software for the best price, to ensure your budget is spent wisely and achieves the desired results; improved business performance.

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Why Choose Binary Blue?

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At Binary Blue we’ve handled thousands of migrations, whether they be software or hardware related. We can help streamline your business with more efficient and cost-effective systems that allow your business to grow. Our all-in-one solution means you’ll have a team of IT experts by your side from sourcing to training and everything in between.

Get in touch today to discuss your IT system upgrade requirements.


Why should I upgrade my IT systems?

Ensuring you have the best tech for your business is crucial for business performance. Improved IT systems can aid the growth of your business plus ensure your business is kept secure. Outdated systems often don’t receive the security upgrades required to keep hackers and cyber criminals out of your business’ critical data. 

Employees will also increase their productivity if they’re using software or hardware that helps them become more efficient.

Why are Binary Blue different?

We focus on building relationships with our clients. We won’t just throw a load of jargon at you, we’ll explain our tech recommendations and why we think they’re right for your IT system upgrades. We’ll manage the whole upgrade in-house, meaning you can focus on running your business whilst we ensure that all systems are go.

More Services

1st and 2nd Line Support

We offer a full suite of services to support your IT instrastructure, working as an extension of your team we roll up our sleeves, take accountability and resolve the issues.

Security and Monitoring

We constantly monitor & optimise your systems, hardware and security; ensuring everything is kept up to date and secure. Our security tools alert us to potential problems before you even notice them.

Your IT Manager/ Director

As your IT partner, we will develop with you a cohesive IT & Security strategy that supports your business goals , we are an extension of your team. We want to make your IT work the way you want it.