Fully Managed IT Services and Support

Our Complete Care Package is our most comprehensive and customisable support package yet. This fully managed support package is designed to adapt to the bespoke needs of your business, taking care of the day to day management of your IT estate. From cyber security needs, to third party liaison with other support service providers like telephone and other infrastructure management services companies, our fully managed IT support will take care of it – leaving you free to focus on the important stuff, like hitting your business goals.

A Complete, Fully Managed IT Support Care Package

With our complete care package, you receive your own personal IT service desk. Our fully managed and high quality service will be on hand to take care of the small problems, like Office 365 questions, and big problems like third party support company outages. If there’s a problem all you need to do is call us, and our service desk will take care of the rest. But that’s not all.

You’ll receive IT services delivered using IT Service Management (ITSM) tools, which have a high quality of service excellence rating, alongside our own personal Remote Support Monitoring and Management tool. Together we make sure they provide you with complete peace of mind 24/7. You’ll also receive access to:

  • Access to our own custom built tool
  • Access to our own pre-populated Software Library
  • Access, Anywhere capabilities
  • Access to other resources, like IT Strategy consultation
  • Enhanced, ever present Security tools
  • Hands-free configuration
  • Purchasing services, managed by us
  • Third-party liaison
  • End to end service management
  • Other miscellaneous support services

What You'll Get​

Access to our own custom-built remote monitoring tool 

  • Makes maintenance both hands-off, and user friendly. We’ll install our specially built, complete, managed in-house tool onto any machine in your organisation and it will feed us reports onto a comprehensive dashboard that we monitor around the clock. Our tool:
  • Will manage risk by monitoring machine health and alerting us if there is a mechanical issue
  • Installs centrally monitored antivirus software which alerts us to cyber security problems before it’s too late
  • Takes care of out of hours installation and scheduling of OS updates and patches, which results in no downtime for your business and managed support around the clock
  • Takes care of out of hours updates for applications, ensuring that all staff have up to date applications which are relevant and non-vulnerable to ransomware or social engineering attacks
  • Removes applications which are deemed vulnerable to ransomware and suggests alternatives from a pre-installed software library

Access to our own pre-populated Software Library

Our software library is populated with useful, relevant applications that are always kept up to date and safe from ransomware or social engineering vulnerabilities. What’s more, our technical expertise is built in: so we’ll recommend alternative applications should others be deemed irrelevant or vulnerable to exploitation. Plus, we’ll take care of all the scheduled updates. That means no more opening Word and waiting for patch management: we get there first and install the latest update before it can be used.

Access, Anywhere capabilities

Binary Blue has been a managed service provider for many years, so we got ahead of remote working before a global pandemic made it a thing. Our Access, Anywhere remote support suite helps us to decentralise end users and enable remote access that goes far beyond just using VPNs. Our remote, fully managed support services grant all users the ability to securely access applications, files and servers from anywhere in the world. And don’t worry: Access, Anywhere doesn’t mean you need to undergo a digital transformation and change to a cloud computing environment if you’re not ready. Through specialised background tunnelling we’ll enable servers to be accessed from anywhere, at no additional cost, without needing a migration process.

Access to a multitude of Managed IT Services

Includes mail filtering, end to end IT service management, web filtering, cloud snapshots, IT strategy consultation, cyber security support services and unlimited technical expertise. Our Complete Care Package acts as an umbrella with bolt on IT infrastructure management services that are able to be configured and designed to move your business forward.

Enhanced, ever present Security 

We keep your data and your business secure and free from cyber threats by installing a fully managed antivirus tool that monitors everything from web browsing to application installation. If it senses a problem, it will alert us before end users even realise, which means we can jump on and prevent a potential cyber security attack from even occurring. As part of our cyber security service management we’ll also assess password health, implement multi-factor authentication, and balance administrative privileges so that admin rights really mean admin rights, ensuring the business’s security is kept as watertight as possible.

Hands-free configuration 

We know how tedious it can be when an existing user needs to change laptops, or when a new user needs to get set-up. We take the work out of that by pre-configuring laptops, tablets and devices that are ready for action the moment the user powers them up. As fully fledged support partners, we’ll install necessary applications, configure the right links to network drives, and give them the correct levels of access so that all they need to do is hit the on button.

Our hands-free complete managed configuration even extends to users who need to use alternate machines. If a staff member forgets their device or needs the use of an alternate one, we’ll pre-configure their existing profile onto the target device so that it’s ready when they are.

Purchasing services

Your staff can only work as effectively as their technology allows them to, which is why purchasing consultancy services and solutions are part of our service offerings. If your staff need new equipment, we’ll talk to them and answer the questions that people don’t even know to ask in order to find the perfect piece of equipment that will work best. From RAM to monitors, to laptops that are portable and light enough for those that cycle to work, each one of our purchases is considerate, customised, and correct. Our quotes come in a report format with full transparency and a detailed explanation, and any product we purchase will come with a full warranty. If anything does go wrong, or the product doesn’t end up being right, we’ll arrange returns, collections, and oversee repair or replacement processes from start to finish.

Third-party liaison

If something goes wrong with your telephone provider, or if SAGE has an outage, you can call us and we’ll call them to oversee the problem from start to finish, all whilst strategising how to minimise the impact on your business at the same time. As part of our third-party management we’ll also run evaluations which aim to reduce the combined cost of third party services, we’ll devise and strategise new tariffs, and we’ll recommend changes to technologies and parties if necessary to put your business’s IT infrastructure less in the control of external agents, and more back in control of itself.

Other miscellaneous support services

We’ll implement general security improvements, train staff on the latest applications and technologies, and apply enterprise IT best practices to reduce issues, simplify procedures and make staff less apprehensive about either using or contacting IT support. 

In summary, we see our Complete Care Package as an entirely customisable way of letting us be a comprehensive, always on-hand, always-on partner to your business.

Fully Managed IT Support FAQs

What is meant by managed IT services?

Managed IT services refer to the proactive maintenance and management of an organization’s IT infrastructure. This includes things like monitoring network performance, managing software and hardware upgrades, and providing help desk support to employees. By outsourcing these services to a third-party provider, businesses can free up internal resources and focus on more strategic tasks.

What is fully managed IT support?

Fully managed support in IT refers to a comprehensive care package in which a service provider takes complete responsibility for the management and maintenance of an organization’s IT systems. This lets business owners focus on their core competencies, while the service provider handles all the technical details.

What should you expect from a managed services provider?

A great managed service provider should keep business running smoothly for business owners. You should expect industry leading solutions and professional services that support your business to operate efficiently. Your support provider should also offer proactive monitoring to head off issues before they cause problems and regular reporting to show you how your systems are performing.