Data Management and Realtime Security

The integrity and security of your data has never been more important. In today’s digitally-driven world, it isn’t unusual for almost all critical business information to be stored on computer systems, whether this is individual desktops or laptops, a centralised network filing solution or a cloud-hosted information store, the surface area of business data has never been larger, and neither has the scope for accident, disaster or intrusion.

Despite best efforts, training or archiving procedures, new or sometimes established staff don’t always handle data correctly. What would your business do in the event of critical data loss due to accident or communication breakdown?

Hackers, malware and virus authors or automated botnets are always on the lookout to exploit any avenue to gain access to critical information or systems. Do your employees take their laptops home? Do you provide business mobiles with access to company data? Are your files or email available from the cloud? What would your business do in the event of an intrusion, infection or ransomware?

Studies have shown that on average, ransomware costs small businesses £3,000 per user, either through demand payments, damage to business assets or loss of man hours due to data outage.

With over 37 years experience in properly handling, securing and protecting critical business data, Binary Blue can help you identify the risks to your business, and put a secure and resilient data management and protection solution in place.

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