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Binary Blue provides IT packages and services to businesses of all sizes across Bristol. From full IT infrastructure overhauls to one off consultations, we have been providing IT support for over 42 years.
All of our packages are bespoke, so whether you are looking for ongoing daily support, to a one off IT audit, we can help. Simply contact our team of experts to discuss the IT requirements of your business, and get your free quote today.
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What We Can Help With

Regardless of size, at Binary Blue, we help businesses in Bristol with all of their IT needs. We take the time to get to know your business and understand it’s reliance on IT so that we can provide you with the right solution for you, ensuring you never pay for more than you need.

We provide independent consultations or can act as an extension of your business on a daily basis providing support. At Binary Blue, we can carry out a full one off audit of your existing infrastructure and ensure it is fit for purpose. 

We will provide you with a full report, highlighting potential weak points and areas for opportunity. Then if required, we can source and install any new systems or infrastructure you may require to ensure the optimal running of your business.

Once installed, we will fully test your new setup and can even provide training for your staff to ensure everyone is confident and efficient with its use. We have experience working with businesses of all sizes, meaning that we are able to work within any budget.

Lastly, we can provide your business with ongoing support, working as an extension of your internal team, assisting your employees with any issues that may arise or difficulties with remote working.

For a full list of the services we provide in Bristol, visit our services page.

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Why Choose Binary Blue?

We have 42 years experience providing business across Bristol with all the IT help and support they need to ensure the optimal running of their businesses. Unlike many IT support providers, at Binary Blue, we don’t simply fix issues when they occur. Instead, we work proactively, getting to know how you use your systems and identifying any potential issues that may occur in the future.


This ensures we address the culprit before you experience downtime and potential losses to your profits. We have watched the industry grow and develop, and as a result, we have the knowledge and experience needed to solve any issue that may occur.


As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are in the top 5% and have access to all the latest updates, training and documentation, making sure we are always the best at what we do. 


As an extension of your team, you will never be ‘just a ticket number’ to us. We will not aim to simply apply a plaster, and instead will aim to solve any issues so that they do not reoccur again.

So contact us today so that we can get to know your company.


Does my business need It support?

Any company which relies on IT for the running of their business will benefit from IT support. Having an IT support provider on hand will ensure that any issues which may arise are addressed quickly. Downtime to your business means a loss of profits, but with experts on hand, issues can be addressed quickly and your systems can be back up and running in no time.

Do I need an infrastructure overhaul?

When setting up a business, many businesses buy infrastructure and programmes which are readily available on the market, but these are not always the best fit for purpose systems. When coming on board as a Binary Blue provider, we can provide you with a full audit of your IT setup. We can then advise you on whether you need to make any changes to optimise the running of your business.

How do I switch IT support companies?

Switching IT support companies when becoming a Binary Blue customer couldn’t be easier. We will provide you with a list of the access we require and we simply take it from there. We will contact your existing provider (if you have one) and gain all of the information we require. We will then review your existing setup up and take over managing your systems from then on forward.

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